How to find a Recovery Coach

Options for finding a Recovery Coach in Australia

There are various ways to find the right recovery coach in Australia. The most popular way to find a recovery coach is using online search engines. Search for “Psychosocial coach near me” to find a service provider close to you.

You can also visit a community centre near you as they will have the resources to connect you to organisations that offer psychosocial recovery coaching services. You can also contact the NDIS directly as they will be able to connect you to a network of psychosocial coaches in your area.

Using Local Area Coordinators can also assist you in finding a psychosocial recovery coach that is close to you to minimise the travelling distance.

How do I find a coach that's right for me?

Every psychosocial coach may have a different approach on how to help their NDIS participants. So to find the right coach, you should know your preference and needs. The coach’s expertise must align with your specific needs so you can get the proper guidance.

Talk to multiple coaches before choosing one to ensure the coach can provide the support you need to recover. And always remember to check the coach’s qualifications to see if they’ll offer the type of coaching you need.

Use the first meeting with your coach as an interview. At Recovery Supports Australia, we offer a free 30-minute meeting so you can ask your coach questions to make an informed decision about who you want to work with.

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How can I engage with a Psychosocial Coach?

Online Sessions

One of the best ways to contact and engage with your psychosocial recovery coach is via online platforms. This type of communication helps if you cannot make it to a physical location due to an injury or illness. It also helps if you or your coach go on holiday.

However, there can be some limitations when having coaching sessions online. Personal interactions are more practical, especially if you’re someone who suffers from social anxiety. You won’t improve optimally if you don’t engage with someone who is physically in the room with you.

Online sessions can save money on your NDIS plan as you are not charged for travel costs. They also allow your coach to access you in remote locations and at later times.

In-Person Sessions

There are more benefits to having in-person one-on-one sessions with your coach. With in-person sessions, you have various options of engagements, such as going out to lunch, having coffee, or even going fishing for the day.

These activities may help you during your sessions to feel more comfortable being in a social setting or an outdoor environment.

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How do I know if I can trust my Recovery Coach?

It’s natural for you to be untrusting, especially if you’ve experienced trauma in your life. That’s why it’s essential to engage with a coach that can relate to you. Some recovery coaches have lived experiences, so they’ll be better equipped to help you with your disability.

Furthermore, psychosocial coaches are vetted by the NDIS because they have the necessary qualifications, such as a degree in psychology, to help those with mental disabilities. The NDIS guidelines will also guide your recovery coach to ensure you’re getting the best treatment.

Here’s what to consider when choosing an NDIS recovery coach:

All NDIS providers whether registered or not should provide advice on how to make complaints in their SLA. NDIS complaints can be made here.

What if I don't like my Coach?

If you’re experiencing problems with your recovery coach and they’re not adhering to company policy or government legislation, you can contact the NDIS or NDIA to file a complaint. Therefore, you’re always protected, so you don’t have to ever feel vulnerable.

Recovery Supports Australia has multiple coaches, so you can find one with a similar lived mental health experience. By working with a coach with the same experience as you, you may feel understood and have a strong rapport with your coach.

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Find a Recovery Coach now

Do you have a psychosocial disability? Do you want to recover so that you can start living a fulfilled life? Book your 30-minute obligation free consultation with Recovery Supports Australia today to find a coach that can assist you. Get the support you need so you can take control of your life. Are you ready for a better quality of life?