Accessing the Community

Our recovery coaches guide and support the participant to develop the skills and self-efficacy required to get more involved in their community. Under our recovery coaches’ guidance, participants will experience a stronger sense of belonging and purpose within their local community.

Furthermore, when necessary, our recovery coaches will also partner with organisations within the community to better coordinate the participant’s recovery.

Some methods for achieving this include:

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Improving social networks

Having a diverse network of support is closely linked to having a higher quality of life. In comparison, a thin network and a lack of social interaction correlates with a lower quality of life and poorer health. Unfortunately, those experiencing mental illness are likely to fall into the latter category. Recovery Coaches are essential in assisting participants in building genuine long-term connections with a broader network of people, which will improve the participants’ quality of life.

Employment support

Our recovery coaches will assist you in developing valuable and practical workplace skills while fostering healthy attitudes and behaviours for the workplace.

In addition to learning valuable skills for employment, a Recovery Coach is also helpful in guiding you to discover what you want to do and the steps you need to take to get there.

While undergoing employment support, coaches will help participants to:

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Getting you job-ready

Entering (or re-entering) the workforce is both challenging and daunting – knowing where to start, and the steps to take are often the most difficult aspects of finding meaningful work. Our Recovery Coaches aim to simplify this process and break it down into small manageable, achievable steps to help participants gain a clearer understanding of what they need to do to achieve their employment objectives.

Individual Life Skills Support

Conversational and interpersonal skills are essential for successfully integrating into society. Our coaches will help you develop these skills to build meaningful friendships and relationships.

Participants requiring individual life skills support are typically taught social skills through didactic sessions and interactive role-plays. The skills and techniques learnt through these sessions are then put into practice through socialisation activities.

Individual life skills support involves:

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Involving families

Family members play a very significant role in supporting an individual with a mental illness. The problem is that many families are often uncertain on the best way to help them develop the conversational and interpersonal skills required to integrate into society successfully. Our recovery coaches aim to involve the participants family in the support process by including them in role-plays, get-togethers, practice conversations, and other socialisation activities.

Ready to begin your journey towards recovery?

Taking the first step is often the most difficult, yet it’s necessary to begin your journey towards recovery. The sooner you take it, though, the sooner your progress towards a more independent and fulfilling life begins.