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Find competent Support Workers to help achieve your goals

Our compassionate Support Workers help you navigate the NDIS and gain choice and control over your life.

Become more independent

Do you find yourself relying too much on the people around you due to your disabilities? A Support Worker can help you build the skills you need to improve your independence.

Participate more often

It can be challenging to participate in activities when you have a psychosocial disability. Whether you have social anxiety or a physical disability, a Support Worker can get you involved in your community again.

Live a more fulfilling life

Our Support Workers build a strong rapport with you and really listen! They provide focused support so you can recovery and achieving your goals faster.

Build confidence

Our support workers can help you attend new events and situations, to overcome anxiety and depression as well as building your confidence and resilience.

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Luke is an enthusiastic person who has lots to offer ! He has a open mind approach which is definitely an asset and I can definitely recommend him to work with varying types of people ! He has been working with my son and his energy and passion serves well !!
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Luke Stoker is a caring & thoughtful Carrer with multiple degree’s, skills & abilities. Supporting & training my teenage age boys frustrations in services beyond expectations such as painting, planting, cleaning, computers, out door activities, companionship, community to name a few. Luke has not only been supportive to me personally but especially to my son who has ADHD & mild Autism. So thankful to Luke for being a carrer to my son.
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I look forward to my sessions each week, Luke is full of ideas to help me achieve my goals. It is a pleasure working with you guys.
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Thanks so much to Luke for helping me find my core values and break down my goals. He has been an amazing coach who has supported me through my Recovery.
The Candy Man
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This guy is so amazing 🤩 that he is must to have in your corner for recovery 🙂 I have seen him for a few sessions and already reeping the benefits you really have to see for your self to see how great this Guy is the Way he formulates things and explains them is so essential in recovery and he has much knowledge and experience so thumbs up to this Guy
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I have been working with Luke for over a year now. He has supported me through many mental health challenges including hospitalisation. He has helped me build awareness so that I can take action and expedite my recovery. He is compassionate and has a deep insight into mental health. He's also multi-talented with his three degrees, especially his degree in computer science, which allows him to also help me trouble-shoot any computer issues I have experienced, which has come as a bonus.
Sar Shar
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I’ve had to switch psychosocial recovery coach a few times to find a good one, and Luke is a good one. Luke listens, gets the supports set up, and goes the extra mile so I feel supported.
Jarrad M
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Luke was able to hold space and allow me to enter into and release some traumatic childhood experiences. I highly recommend his services.

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learn interpersonal skills and get life coaching services - recovery supports Australia

Do you or a loved one have a specific psychosocial disability? We assist with many types of psychosocial illnesses.

We build tailor-made respite care packages to build participants’ capacity and social interaction skills, as well as providing a break to carers. 

employment services by our employment support specialist - recovery supports Australia

Our recovery coaches will assist you in developing valuable and practical workplace skills while fostering healthy attitudes and behaviours for the workplace.

individual psychosocial rehabilitation support services at recovery supports australia

Conversational and interpersonal skills are essential for integrating into society. Our coaches will help you develop these skills to build meaningful friendships and relationships.

develop the skills and self-efficacy - recovery coach and mental health coach at recovery supports

Our recovery coaches guide and support the participant to develop the skills and self-efficacy required to get more involved in their community.

"A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world."

- Anonymous

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