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Improve Your Singing - First 30 min Lesson Free

Recovery Supports Australia offers a unique opportunity for all NDIS participants to have online singing lessons with  experienced vocal coaches who are passionate about developing your musical abilities.  They use proven methods of vocal training that meet you where you are at and fast track you to meet your singing potential. Our singing teachers train your ear so that you can improve your natural voice and learn to sing more effortlessly.

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The Benefits of Singing Lessons

Singing has been found to improve not only physical health by focusing on breathing techniques and improving the immune system, but also mental health by improving overall mood through decreasing stress and anxiety. 

Manage Depression & Anxiety

Singing is a natural anti-depressant.
It releases endorphines and oxytocin which reduces anxiety and stress.

Helps with Emotional Regulation

Singing assists in coping with physical and emotional pain by providing an outlet to express emotions in a personal and expressive way.

Increase Confidence Levels

Increase in confidence levels and capacity for social interaction when taking singing lessons on a regular basis.

Better Mental Clarity

The breathing methods used in singing can reduce blood pressure and increase oxygen levels to enhance mental clarity and decision making.

Your First Lesson is Free!

Taking the first step towards learning a new skill can be scary! But know that it’s one of the most critical steps. Our Singing Coaches are friendly, kind and caring. 

Try your first lesson for free to see if vocal coaching is right for you.

To claim your free 30 minute singing lesson, please make a booking using our calendar on the right.

What should I expect?

In your first session, one of our coaches will listen to your past singing experience and goals for singing. The coach will give you tips and tricks for skills and some practical drills to improve your singing.  If your happy with the singing coach support worker, we will provide you with a Service Level Agreement and weekly lessons will be charged to your NDIS plan out of your Core or Capacity Building Supports budget. 

Got a Question About Singing lessons?

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Taking the first step is often the most difficult one, yet its necessary to begin your journey towards recovery. The sooner you take it though,  the sooner your progress towards a more independent and fulfilling life begins.