NDIS Respite Care and Short Term Accommodation (STA) Melbourne

STA Respite Care Overview

Our Short Term Accommodation Respite Care (STA) is all about giving the participant Rest and Restoration and helping them achieve their goals in their NDIS plan.

The main focus of the respite stay will be capacity building through learning and implementation of independent living skills and working with others to improve social skills and communication. It also provides a break for your informal supports.

Each NDIS Respite stay is carefully designed by an experienced recovery coach in collaboration with the participants and current support coordinator / RC. This ensures that the participants get the greatest benefit from the stay.

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Respite care accommodation bedrooms - recovery supports Australia
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Participants will be picked up from a central Melbourne location depending on the respite location.


We use several properties around Victoria, including Torquay and Rosebud.

Number of Spots

We generally aim to run our experiences with a 1:2 support worker: participants ratio to ensure the best possible care while keeping costs down. We run most Respite Breaks with a minimum of 4 clients.

Respite Care Stays We Offer

Tailor-made Respite Care Stays

Our Respite Care Stays are person-centred, as we understand that each NDIS participant has different needs and interests.

Our experienced coaches get to know the participant so we can match them with other participants of similar interests and abilities. This ensures that the respite stay is tailored to the participants’ needs and helps them to achieve their goals.

All trips are focused on building capacity and socialisation of individual participants. Each trip will have a key focus skill that will be developed during the trip. These could range from cooking to fishing.

In our busy, complex world, looking after our Mental Health has never been more important. All our trips incorporate a mental health focus and Mindfulness practices so that participants can slow down, be present, increase awareness and hopefully leave their worries at the door. 

We also include a physical health component into our trips (designed around participants’ abilities). Potential activities include: Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, bush walks, hydro therapy, beach swims, learn to surf, etc. 

Lastly but most importantly we focus on Quality of Life. We make sure our participant enjoy their stays. We have games nights, movie nights , restaurant nights, bowling nights and amazing food for the entire stay.

Most importantly of all our trips are staffed by amazing, compassionate, support workers who are passionate about their jobs and genuinely care about helping participants achieve their goals.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses other than the Respite fees charged to your plan. 

Respite Care- Meditation on the beach

Food Lovers Respite Care Stay

The Food Lovers NDIS Respite Break focuses on cooking and food preparation skills that participants can use in everyday life or the workplace.

Our Respite breaks run at the beginning of each month, using locally sourced organic produce and Local Guest food teachers. We will immerse the participants in beautiful food and culinary skills and endeavour to ignite their passion for food.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses other than the Respite fees charged to your plan. 

General programme (subject to change):

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STA Respite Care Pricing

Want to Start Planning Your Tailor-Made Respite Today?

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Frequently Asked Questions - STA Respite Care

Short-Term Accommodation Respite Care, also known as STA NDIS or STA Accommodation NDIS, is a type of short term respite care that allows both you and your carer to have a break to recharge. NDIS STA gives participants the chance to experience living away from home in a supportive environment with everything they need, for up to 14 days at a time and a maximum of 28 days per year, while carers have a break from their duties. 

The price of STA Respite Care varies depending on whether the care is on a weekday, weekend or public holiday. It also varies depending on the ratio of support workers to participants. It is best to book a discovery call to discuss your needs and budget. 

Respite care comes out of your Core funding and it is usually listed in this area.

Even if Respite is not specifically listed in your plan, you may still be able access it if there is funding in your plan.

Generally we need to talk to your plan manager to ensure that respite meets NDIS guidelines.

Please book a discovery call to discuss your needs and situation. 

Each individual Respite stay is different. Generally we run 4 night Respite care. This can be tailored and changed to meet your needs.

Each Respite stay is different depending on the needs and preferences of the participants.  All trips will help build the capacity of the participant and provide a range of food options and fun activities.

Please book a discovery call to discuss your needs and situation. 

The NDIS will fund STA if it relates to one of your goals outlined in your NDIS plan, so you will need to speak with your support coordinator / Psychosocial recovery coach and ensure it is included. Your new goal may be ‘preparing to live independently’, ‘learning new life skills’, or ‘making new friends’ – these are all goals which STA can help you reach!  

Remember to supply any evidence that will help the NDIS to understand why it’s reasonable and necessary for you to receive STA, and how it applies to your disability. You can supply formal documentation from an Occupational Therapist or another health care professional, or a letter from the people currently providing you with informal supports, explaining why you both would benefit from a short stay away from home. 

A short stay away from home can help you:

  • make new friends and meet new people
  • try new activities
  • enjoy a change of scenery
  • de-stress and recharge
  • increase skills and independence
  • get outside your comfort zone
  • get a break from informal supports

Limited spots available!

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