Does the NDIS cover psychologists? explained

The NDIS often covers psychological treatments such as individual counselling, group therapy and specialist psychological assessments. Find out what is and isn’t covered, how to make a successful application for access, and other services you can access when NDIS does not cover the cost.

Understand the role of psychologists in the NDIS

Psychologists are an important part of any NDIS plan recipient’s health and wellbeing team. They provide a range of mental health services such as cognitive behaviour therapies, psychotherapy and other approaches to help individuals with autism, intellectual or physical disabilities to manage their conditions and reach their goals. It’s important to understand the role of psychologists in the NDIS as they can provide a critical link between health professionals and improve quality of life.

Learn what types of psychological interventions and services are covered by the NDIS

The NDIS will cover psychologists for up to 10 sessions of psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or other psychological interventions. These types of interventions and services are designed to help people better understand, process and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. It can also provide an opportunity to develop new skills that can be used in various aspects of daily life. NDIS-covered psychologists will use evidence-based psychological interventions to ensure each patient is receiving the best possible care that is tailored to their individual needs.

Find out how to access funding for psychological treatments under the NDIS

Accessing funding for psychological treatments through the NDIS is not always a straightforward process. To ensure you can get the care and assistance you need, it’s important to be well-informed so that you can make the best choices when navigating this system. Start by finding an NDIS provider who is eligible to provide the type of psychological services you require, then approach them with your needs to discuss what kind of support they are able to offer.

Discover where to apply for NDIS assistance for psychology services

If you require assistance through the NDIS for psychology services, you need to check if your provider is an approved NDIS provider and registered with the NDIS. The easiest way to do this is to check the MyPlace portal and look at the different providers listed in your state or territory. Alternatively, you may wish to contact a NDIA Approved Local Area Coordinator (LAC) in your area who can provide advice on how to access appropriate psychotherapy or counselling services under the NDIS.

Learn About Other Options and Strategies for Accessing Psychology Treatment Under the NDIS

If it is not possible to access psychology treatment through the NDIS, there are some options and strategies that you can explore. These include private health insurance or using the Medicare system, depending on your eligibility and coverage. Alternatively, you could also seek a referral to a psychologist or counselling services in private practice which may charge a fee, a sliding scale fee based on your income level or provide free services through charity organisations.